The global player for special purpose machinery manufacture is heavily involved in the development of machines that will enable the construction of the electric car in the coming years.

It stands before another big growth, but the market holds barely professionals. Effective recruiting is therefore an ongoing issue and one of the most important challenges. In the battle for young and skilled professionals also new and unusual ways must be gone.

A multi-channel campaign was designed and implemented for the Open Day at the company’s headquarters in Rheinböllen. The new facebook fan page is clearly focused on the topic stuff and employee training. Flyers were distributed to the visitors to participate in a corresponding sweepstake on facebook.

Also on-site one could become fan of the company on a large monitor and participate. Commercial vehicles were designed with the key statements and convey the “social” campaign character further. Full page advertisement in the newspaper Rhein-Zeitung and other circuits in the print media were related to it. All printed messages were “readable” for mobile devices via QR code.

By breaking new ground in staff marketing the company gets another important USP as a pioneer and can thus expand its innovative image. The response from staff and visitors has exceeded all expectations. More than 1,000 new “fans” could be generated in just three weeks on the facebook page. The entire networked campaign is started with positive energy and a good tailwind. The medium works well for the intensification of relationships – both internally and externally.

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