The innovative airport communicates with very heterogenous target groups. This requires dedicated communication solutions, to meet the various requirements. Accordingly, various digital channels are powered and orchestrated. Among the “classic” website is an airport blog and a online policy letter. The specific content has to be prepared accordingly to the target group and published individually.

As the central interface the recently launched facebook presence concentrates the latest publications of all digital channels. The “Newsroom” realized as an app provides real-time content of YouTube, Twitter or Flickr, so that a central platform for the consideration of current content was created. Besides, current destinations are regularly featured on another site, but also older highlights can be recalled from an archive.

The multilayered facebook presence has ensured both externally and internally a lot of positive feedback. Real, sustainable “fans” among the international airport guests and residents of the region are „generated“ with full-bodied and sometimes very personal postings. With the help of a sophisticated lottery, which makes use of viral effects, the airport was able to record many new fans in a very short time. Other creative activities for special occasions (e.g. Christmas season) are structured and deepened in a lively dialogue with exciting highlights.

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