With the help of an individual snack creator connoisseurs can express their preferences in the form of an own creation. The idiosyncratic creations all get names that sound quite delicious as well. The creations are of course rated, commented, and shared, whereby emotionally positively charged virality is created by the community.

The focus of the multi-channel strategy is a contemporary linking and matching of all marketing activities. The recently gelaunchte Facebook presence together the latest offers and topics as a kind of “Newsroom”. Regularly available for sale are featured, as well as important issues of the “classic” website is linked. So attractive flyers are designed in several branches that point to the new Facebook presence. Exclusively there in turn can download vouchers that lure back into the stores.

The very “appetizing” scale Facebook presence has ensured both externally and internally for a lot of positive feedback. Real “fans” come next visit to the store specifically to benefit from discounts and vouchers. A very unique combination of “analog” and “digital” intensify customer loyalty sustainable. The ingenious interplay of the different communication channels, the retail chain has won many new fans. A unique feature here is an intelligent and innovative cross-linking of different media. The special flair of a local business branches is supported by innovative marketing ideas.

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