An outstanding brand with an innovative product aims to establish itself quickly and efficiently in German online trading. Unusual ways of marketing ensure that the targeted investments are used as effectively as possible, the alternative procedure for the marketing should build up and shape at the same time a “special” brand identity.

The focus of marketing are sympathetic filmed testimonials “from next door”. The protagonists describe the benefits of this innovative product in their own words. Even the merchant himself staged his passion for the subject and provides product explanations within entertaining spots. Moving images are central to the concept of the webshop.

The store realized with MAGENTO and the procucts are initially “withheld” to the interested parties. For about six months, entries on the project are placed in all the usual PR portals as well as on YouTube. For about six months, entries will be placed on the project in all the usual PR portals as well as on YouTube. An informative wordpress blog staged at the same time the representation of the product and the brand without a direct commercial background. The user and “Fan” is also accompanied on its product familiarization trip by a Facebook presence.

Through the temporary “withholding” of the main element webshop the interest of potential customers could already be fueled and a tense expectation generated before the actual product launch. Already ahead of the store launch the brand is very good to find in search engines, organic traffic can already be generated. Thus also in advance good brand awareness.

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